Destructive Deadly Sins


Daily Prompt: You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch

by Krista on December 18, 2013

What is your least favorite personal quality in others? Extra points for sharing your least favorite personal quality in yourself.

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Destructive Deadly Sins


It takes a lot for me to even think about what I don’t like in a person. Having different traits is just what makes us unique. I don’t like to think about ‘good’ and ‘evil’. Qualities are just qualities. In fact, I actually prefer to be in the company of those with personalities that are naturally different from the norm. It’s a refreshing change from everyone else I come into contact with on a daily basis. However, all of that idealism aside, if there’s one quality in a person that I can’t stand, it’s arrogance.

            In a perfect world, all people would be equal. No man would be above another. Just the idea of a person coming off as if he or she is better than someone else is a major turn off. Of course, there are different degrees of arrogance. And all of my instinctive responses to them vary accordingly. I think the worst by far is subtle arrogance. Nothing grinds my gears more than people who only know how to talk about themselves. You can just sense them feeding off the attention when they go into more detail about their own personal successes than you’d like to hear. It gets worse when they make whatever feat they accomplished sound easy, or if it was made easy because they believe their competition to have been hopelessly incompetent. There’s a small smile or smirk on their face as they boost themselves with their casual talk of me, me, me. It’s intoxicating and I feel like I can drown in their self-praise. Being humble never looked more classy.

            Ironically enough, I personally don’t find it as unbearable when my friends and I know someone who is just outright arrogant. The more enthusiastic the better. My partner in crime, Alex, and I have a blast doing impressions of these kinds of people time and time again—all in good fun, mind you! These are popular Hollywood actors, work friends, and friends of friends. We normally call them ‘characters’ and it’s impossible for us to get even the least bit offended by them. More than anything else, these people are amusing. I’m lookin’ at you, Kanye West!

            Now it’s time for the self roast. I try to be the best version of myself I can be and strive to be aware of my actions, but me and everyone who knows me could tell you that I’m FAR from perfect. In fact, any one of my close friends would probably provide you with a different flaw of mine, if they were asked what my least desirable quality is. However, in my honest opinion, it’s my sense of envy. I can admit that when it comes down to it, I can find something in almost everyone that I wish I had—height, muscles, smarts, a good job, etc. I envy my friends that have happy relationships, and I wonder to myself, ‘Why not me?’ Am I not good enough? What separates them from me? I strive too hard to be like others that it’s damaging. It makes me lose sight of who I am and what I’ve done.

            It’s not a healthy trait in the least. Objectively, I’d say I have a great life. But through my own perspective, I’m always wanting more and taking what others have into account. Hopefully being fully aware of this trait will help me get over it and relinquish my envious side in the long run. I feel that constantly worrying about what others have over you will only hold you back. It’s only when I remove that mind block that I can truly be on the path to be the best me I can possibly be.

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  6. Very insightful. Envy is something we all have I think. The whole “grass is greener…” thing.

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